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Weight loss log (hopefully)

So I have two pics taken and I took my measurements this evening.

Bust 45″
Waist 37″
Hips 46″

(I guess this counts as hourglass)

I am currently 13 stone 11lb. I have lost exactly 1 stone in the last 10 months.

My current regime is three work out days: running, crunches and squats followed by one rest day. I am currently following a diet which is focusing on two carb days, two protein days, two combo days and one rest day.



Kids v sports

My daughter has been doing ballet since she was 3, she has flirted with Tap and Acro too. She also has a weekly swimming lesson.

With my own weight struggles I am conscious of not having fat children. Especially in this day and age, sweets are too common but playing out isn’t. It is like we are heading towards a generation of jelly people.

This coming school year me and the kids are starting Muay Thai, I am hoping this brings us together as a family and that it also encourages the children to be active. Leading by example and all that.

I have also signed my daughter up for Street Dance – she can give it a go and if she likes it she can continue. I may even take her to Acro on a Friday night too.

I have signed our middle boy to start football (soccer) training.

Fingers crossed for us all


In my middle pregnancy I gained about 4 1/2 stone in weight. As soon as I gave birth I decided to lose weight, I lost 1 1/2 stone then when my middle baby was 6 months old I discovered that we had a little surprise on the way.

I was determined not to put on too much weight in my pregnancy because I would have literally rolled down the street.

So after giving birth I was back to being 4 1/2 stone fatter than I wanted. I didn’t really do anything about it, but when my youngest was 9 months old I decided to go back to work. The stress of looking after three little lovelies, plus running a house and working started to take its toll and I didn’t look after myself. I started to suffer from panic and anxiety attacks, this meant I had to leave work. I also discovered that i bake a lot when I am stressed, baking means eating cake and biscuits, I took a little time for some R’n’R and then joined a gym. Since January 2013 I discovered running outside, on actual roads.

In seven months of running but not dieting I have lost about a stone in weight, but I have also toned up a lot and my fitness has massively increased. I am going to use this blog to keep a photo log of my weight loss story. Today was a rest day so I will get pics up tomorrow in my running get up.

Try not to be sick 🙂


Soooooo it’s been a while, two weeks I think. I just don’t think “I started a blog I really need to write shit down” then this evening I want to tell you a couple of things and realised that I didn’t write about Bath.

We left London just after 9am, and after a wrong turn in Holland Park we were quite easily on the M4. My OH bought me a Land Rover Discovery 3 just after I gave birth to our third and final child (he is now two) this is an LR3 to any readers across the pond. I doubt I even have blog readers. This car seriously tears up the road, and my bank balance because it is a pure has guzzler.

It took an age to get to Bath, it is 100 miles from our East London flat but we have to drive right across London and then along the M4. There were two accidents which caused a traffic jam. God bless the people who were in them and I hope they weren’t seriously injured.

We stopped so my OH could change into his suit, and the kiddos could do a wee, then at 12:40 we finally arrived. Dropped The Mr off at his meeting and got ourselves parked up, had a quick picnic in the boot (plus side of a Disco) then set off into town.

Bath is literally one of the most beautiful Cities I have ever visited. I don’t know what I was expecting but it really screams ‘Roman.’ We checked out The Abbey and The Roman Baths, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time to check out the inside because we had to get back to London.





So I have a blog

I’m pretty certain that no-one will read this ever. Never ever in fact.

Not only do I have nothing interesting to say, but people tend to not give a fuck about what others don’t have to say.

Plus the Internet is already full of people, like me, who are writing dog shit blogs full of the nothing they have to say.

So anyway, I will start my blog of nothing and see how long it is before I lose interest in not writing anything interesting or of any substance.

Today me and my little family, our party of five, my four favourites in the whole world decided to do a reccy to a little town in Lincolnshire called Bourne. It is a market town which reminds me a little bit of a couple of places back home: Yarm and Northallerton. It was nice, there were some quaint little boutique shops. if anyone ever finds themselves in Bourne you should unleash the inner child and visit Sweet Sensations. There is a co-ed grammar school, an outdoor Lido, an outstanding primary school and it is less than two hours drive from London and it is about 25 minutes or so from Peterborough – here you can get a train into London in less than an hour.

We quickly sussed out the chavvy area of town and decided to stick to the South Side.

So as far as market towns go it was lovely and I would happily visit again. But preferably on a hot day so we could visit the lido.

We are heading to Bath on Monday because my OH has a meeting there, this is somewhere else I have never been. Quite excited.

Peace out peoples x

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